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01/02/2022John Faith, Hope Love, Suffering (220102_1110.mp3)
1 Corinthians 13:1-8
Download 220102_1110.mp3
12/26/2021John Christ's Mission in the Old Testament (211226_1106.mp3)

Old Testament Scriptures speak about Christ's mission
Download 211226_1106.mp3
12/19/2021Matt Christ's Birth (211219_1106.mp3)

Old Testament prophecies concerning the coming Messiah
Download 211219_1106.mp3
12/05/2021Mark Abraham And Christ (211205_1111.mp3)
Selected Scriptures
Download 211205_1111.mp3
11/28/2021Glenn The Fall, The Need for a Savior (211128_1114.mp3)
Genesis 1-3
Download 211128_1114.mp3
11/21/2021Jonathan 1 Samuel 31- 2 Samuel 1 (211121_1107.mp3)
1 Samuel 13- 2 Samuel 1
Download 211121_1107.mp3

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