Voting on Deacons

Next Sunday, August 30th be sure to come.  Glenn and Steve have been re-nominated and we need to have an official vote.

Baptist Childrens Home

We will be collecting donations and cards THIS coming Sunday to send.

Family Day

Sunday, September 27th we will have guest speaker Lynn Garrett and worship leader Wendy Smith.  More details to come but please mark your calendars.


Be sure to follow us on our facebook page and interact as much as you can.  When you comment it shows your "friends" on your feed and then generates more traffic to our church page.  We have had visitors from all over reacting and some watching our sermons.  This is a great ministry opportunity and we would love your support.


Streaming the Sermon

We will stream the sermons and hopefully worship on our web page.  It will also be available on our Facebook page.